Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On Death Panels, the ObamaTax, and the MVNHS©

From the annals of the Much Vaunted National Health System©, another glimpse into our own newly revised one:

"A grandmother has been ‘left to die’ by the NHS after being refused life-saving chemotherapy - because her cancer is not ‘exceptional’ enough."

Really? And what do our Cousins Across the Pond consider "exceptional" enough to be saved?

Here's a clue:

"Each case is considered on an individual basis and has to meet set criteria, which includes exceptional clinical circumstances"

Well, when you put it that way...

Mrs Stanton, the 69 year young grandmother of four doesn't fit whatever double-top secret criteria on which the MVNHS© has chosen to rely. She now faces the prospect of having to sell her house to pay for the £40,000 ($65,000+) treatment.

Perhaps she should have bought a Private Medical Insurance policy.

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