Monday, January 13, 2014

Obamacare Batting .080 in CT

Obamacare isn't doing well in Connecticut. Their batting average is fitting for a pitcher but if you
are only batting .080 you better have a wicked curve ball.
As of last Friday, only 8 percent of customers slated to have coverage effective Jan. 1 had been recorded in Anthem’s system as having paid their premiums, 
CT Mirror
For every 100 that put a plan in their shopping cart, only 8 checked out and paid for their order.


Full disclosure. Sort of . . .
Some Anthem customers who signed up through the exchange have said they tried to pay their bills multiple times over several weeks, but have not had their checks cashed or credit cards charged. The Mirror has asked Anthem about potential payment processing issues but has not received an answer.
They tried to pay but Anthem didn't have a way to accept their money?


Obamacare can't even make an AAA team. They are not ready for the majors. Perhaps they need steroids.

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