Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another day, Another ObamaTax "Issue"

As we've previously noted, one of the major problems with the site is that folks are being indiscriminately, and often incorrectly, shunted off to Medicaid. This is actually two problems:

First, if one is found to be eligible for Medicaid, even if one chooses not to actually enroll, one is barred from receiving any subsidy when purchasing an Exchange plan.

Second, and this is the more serious problem (as we'll see in a moment), is that many folks are being enrolled in Medicaid who a) aren't actually eligible and/or b) don't want to be enrolled in the first place. Here's why that's the more serious issue:

" cannot cancel this plan. You have been enrolled in a state Medicaid program. If you disagree, you must file an appeal with the state.”

Previously insured Carol Sauers made the mistake of signing up at the site so that she could find what choices might be available for her family. Her (then-)current insurance was set to increase by up to 100% (Yikes!), so she thought it might be a good idea to check out her other options. And that proved to be a major error on her part:

"It took more than a dozen attempts to get an online application filled out ... Basically I had to start over each time from scratch." When she was finally able to do so, she was informed that she (and her family) might be eligible for Medicaid. She knew better (their income was too high), but by then it was too late: she was enrolled and that was that.

And thus began her incredible journey through the labyrinth of state and Federal bureaucracies, trying to find some one to help her get disenrolled, but to no avail.

One wonders how many other "Carol's" are out there now, languishing in Medicaid limbo.

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