Thursday, May 1, 2014

MVNHS© and the VA: Twin Sons...?

Consider this:

"The NHS faces such a crisis that it is a question of “when, not if” it runs out of money, a report warns. Health charity the King’s Fund says that with a quarter of trusts already in deficit, a financial meltdown is “inevitable by 2015-’16 and could arrive sooner

This has significant relevance to our own ObamaTax system, since it was touted as "bending the cost curve" (presumably downward) thus reining in ever-increasing health care costs. As we can see from the experience of the Much Vaunted National health System©, such schemes do not, in fact, actually lead to that result.

But we can look closer to home for an even more egregious example. The VA is, in fact, a nationalized health care delivery system, run by government bureauweenies, and is most likely the kind of system proponents of the ObamaTax would like to see implemented for the entire country.

And how well does the VA handle health care?


"More than 1.5 million medical orders were canceled by the Department of Veterans Affairs without any guarantee the patients received the treatment or tests they needed"

Granted, that is one way to reduce health care costs, but I'm pretty sure that's not what the rest of us actually had in mind.

Warm fuzzies, indeed.

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