Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MVNHS© Going Critical [UPDATED!]

The Much Vaunted National Health System© continues its own (literal) Death Spiral with news that (at least) 25% of its hospitals "are at heightened risk of providing poor care."

Of course, based on the system's overall results, if it wasn't for poor care, there'd be no care at all. That's because a quarter of MVNHS© hospitals are now in the "two highest risk bands," a measure of just how badly they're performing.

But hey, it's free!

Well, maybe not for long.U

UPDATE: As I pointed out above, "if it wasn't for poor care, there'd be no care at all." Turns out, I may have understated the case:

"Police are investigating allegations that hospital staff were “pressured or bullied” to falsify data to disguise delays for cancer patients, which may have put lives at risk ... The chief inspector of hospitals said patients’ lives may have been put at risk so that the trust could give an impression that it was meeting waiting list targets."

Under the ObamaTax, this is considered a feature, not a bug.

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